Bottom line up front...the Diaz Team exceeded every expectation! From skillful management through a challenging renter, on to professionally guiding a sell above the asking price...how could I have asked for more. The combined efforts of the entire Diaz Team provided me “one stop” to quality property management and realty services.

Having investment properties in another State is always a challenge and when you leave it to family or unskilled oversight, watch out! Things quickly got out of hand, and in total desperation I was fortunate to find/call the Diaz Team. I handed them a mess and they diligently worked to resolve, ready and relist the property...I was handed back viable options! All of this could, “would” have been avoided, had I had the Diaz Team on my side from the beginning.

I will always be grateful for the customer service, commitment and friendship of the entire Diaz Team.

- Donald W. Hutchisonm, Mount Vernon, WA