Earn $400 Referral Fee!

Sugarland Property Management Awesome Referral Program

Why refer your client to SugarLand Property Management?

  • Earn a referral fee (make some extra income!)
  • Having a professional Property Management co servicing your clients will only add value to you as an Investor’s or buyer’s agent.
  • We will refer your client back to you when they are ready to sell!

Give us a call and we will be happy to explain how our management process works.

At times your clients may be in need of property management services and it's important to refer them to a company that will service their needs very well.  We are happy to help and make sure they receive exceptional service.  

When they are interested in selling their property, we will refer them back to you!!

We are also happy to offer a $400 referral fee to any Licensed Realtor that refers us to a client and they sign up for our Leasing and Management services. **

At times, our fellow Realtors would like to continue to assist their clients with their leasing needs and we are happy to take care of only their management needs.  We will make sure your client's management needs are taken care of.

The referring agent must fill out a W-9 form and return it to Sugarland Property Management Group before any monies due are paid. Please submit your W-9 to the following email address: jen@sugarlandpm.com

** Sugarland Property Management Group agrees to pay the referring agent’s brokerage a one time fee of $400 per client.  Referral fee of $400 is earned and payable when a referred client signs a management agreement to lease and manage their property.  Unfortunately if it's only management, we are unable to offer a referral fee.  We will gladly take very great care of your client's management needs!!

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